cropped-danika2017-10.jpgI’m Danika Paskvan. I am Alaskan. I live and work in New York City.


I like to read, run, write. I love to be outside and to see the horizon. I spend most of my time playing music and going to concerts.


So far in my kitchen windowsill, I am growing basil, spearmint, rosemary, ferns, an orchid, and several succulents. I hope to keep them alive, and to start growing lettuces and tomatoes.


I study viola at The Juilliard School. Previously, I was at Northwestern University where I primarily studied violin and linguistics, with a focus on critical theory, feminist and queer theory, and language philosophy. I’m applying to doctoral programs in musicology.


This collection blog typically covers my interests in technology, philosophy, and critical theory as they intersect with art and aesthetics in my life.


This photograph is by Mark Olencki.